The Raw Striker

Raw Striker Kit car ManufacturersA high performance sports car suitable for the racetrack and roads.  The STRIKER can be bought as a self-build kit,  part or fully build cars. We work closely with our customers to supply a car that is tailored to their specification. Many come back to us for upgrades, so that they win on the track, or have even more fun on the road. [More Info]

The Raw Phoenix

Raw Phoenix Kit CarRaw’s newest offering the Phoenix, (or Striker Mk4.) A stylish and classic sports car based on the Striker chassis. Available as a kit, road ready, or anywhere between the two. A real head turner offering the option of  improved aero dynamics on the  proven Striker chassis. All options available as with all Raw cars.

The Raw Fulcrum

Raw FulcrumBased on Raw’s striker kit car, the fulcrum offers a slick new look and increased performance due to the wind tunnel testing and engine combinations.
Whilst maintaining all the handling characteristics of the striker the GT style Fulcrum body adds considerably to the top speed of the car! [More Info]

Track day - CKC OMEX day

Anyone interested in buying a car should come on down. We only say that, because the spaces are all booked up for those that are already owners. (Click for more info)

Jackets & T-Shirts

Raw Jackets on sale

New – Raw Striker jackets. Ideal for keeping the wind off in your car, these softshell jackets are pretty weatherproof and lined with a fine fleece layer for comfort. Some of you may have seen us wearing them at various events, now you can have one too! Contact us for details.

T-Shirts arriving any moment….

About Raw & The Cars

Raw Engineering make specialist sports cars that will surprise you. Fitted with a Toyota 4 AGE, or Ford Zetec  engine package, the cars have outstanding agility. Both the Fulcrum and Strikers are cost effective to build and maintain so you are  in for a big grin inducing surprise when you put your foot down.

The RAW striker and fulcrum

Wether you are looking for a weekend toy or to set out on track days or perhaps even compete in a race series, The Striker and Fulcrum are ideal. Both cars are engineered with exceptional handling and great looks. Builders can begin with a Ford Sierra based self-build kit and usually keep the price under £6,000. What’s even better, most of the parts are upgradeable and the regular track car chassis is the same as the one on the road car. Although the die-hard can indulge in the lowered “TR” chassis for track use alone. The “TR” setup  adds significantly to the cornering agility of the cars, but is just too low for the average speed hump!

The Striker has proved to be one of the most successful competitors in the 750 Motor Club race series and is regarded by many as the benchmark in terms of handling and driving dynamics. There are two suspension options available in the basic ‘live axle’ and the fully independent setup.

Raw can supply different engine specs, transmissions and braking systems. We specialize in the Toyota 4age twin cam 1600cc engine in 16, 20 valve and supercharged form. Developing from 150BHP up to 220BHP depending on your budget. Similar Zetec options also available.

Located in Herefordshire, Raw was started by Mel Coppock in 1999.  Chief Engineer, Martin Jones, joined the company shortly after Mel began and Raw acquired the Striker in 2002.  With a view to keeping consumers costs down, reconditioned engine, transmission are retrieved from major motor manufacturers, the other running gear components can be made up of a combination of new and used parts, again to suit the budget.

You don’t have to look far to find out what an amazing vehicle the Striker and Fulcrum really are. Track and Race Car Magazine voted it the Car of the year in 2005 when the Raw Striker T150 raced against the Ginetta G20. Acording to the magazine itself;

‘…the overall consensus was that the Raw Striker was just a more focused machine. The Toyota engine was an absolute peach and happily let you explore the upper echelons of the 8000rpm rev range without so much as a whimper.’

The critics can’t get enough of this amazing vehicle;

‘The gearbox, aided by a short shift was tidy and precise, the pedals were well spaced and easy to find. In short, you get in and everything feels right which makes you feel more confident and able to push harder and faster than in the Ginetta and Tiger.’

So the long and the short of it is, if you like driving…
you’ll love the Raw Striker and Raw Phoenix