Toyota 4AGE Engine with Supercharger

Toyota 4age supercharger

Toyota 20valve 4age supercharger pack

Toyota 4age supercharger, parts in the pack:

Raw’s Toyota 4age supercharger pack takes for the standard 20v Toyota 4A GE silvertop engine up to around 220 bhp and an OMEX 600 unit or similar is required for installation.

Supercharger & pulley
Incl. oil resevoir, filter, oil & pipework with fitings
Supercharger & Alternator,brackets
Plenum & backplate
Welded assy with gasket set
Toyota 4age supercharger packOil cooler
spacer& bolt fitting pack
S/C belt & pulley pack
Sundries (zip ties, vacuum hose, clips )

Additional Parts Required depending on installation:

map sensor
dump valve T-piece & dump valve
ITG Air filter
Intercooler & pipework to suit installation

Further Info:

Engine Internals: Internals can be kept standard for low boost levels. (up to 220bhp)

Engine Management: This kit is designed for use with Omex 600, (or other) ECU unit. If your engine is not, please contact us.

Toyota 4AGE 20 valve supercharger pack

Sensors: Map sensor available for boost pressure measurement.
Supercharger: Rotrex – centrifugal supercharger with oil cooler, proven as extremely reliable.
Brackets: Cad designed billet aluminium bracket supplied with kit.
Inlet: Raw designed plenum, retaining standard throttle plates, idle air bypass etc.
Pipework: Vehicle specific and so only the Striker option is given in kit detail. For other vehicle installations, please ask.
Inter-cooler: A suitable inter-cooler is required for the installation. Raw can supply one if required.

For more info on the supercharger package, please get in touch with Raw on 01432 371169, or contact us using the form here.



Supercharged 4AGE at Anglesey

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