Supercharged Toyota 4AGE Engine as used in the Raw Striker

Toyota 4A GE

Experience the Power of Toyota 4A GE

Toyota 4A GE

★1587 DOHC 16v cast Iron block – alloy head
★20v with variable valve timing and supercharged packages also available
★Powered the original ‘Pocket Rocket’  – MR2 Mk.1, Corrola GT and GTi
★Power band 122bhp to 200bhp 8500rpm
★Specials available up to 250bhp
★Modern, Smooth, Efficient, Reliable
★Small in size but robust in nature
★Look magnificent in any installation
★Sound fantastic when driven
★Experience the Power of Toyota 4A GE
Please note; Raw no longer supply Toyota engines, but maintain the supply of supercharger parts and bracketry for customers to upgrade their own engines, or have a supercharger fitted by Raw.

20v engines can produce a power band from 122-220 BHP plus.

Striker Toyota 1600 4AGE engine

They will rev up to a tingling  8500RPM and are modern, smooth, efficient and reliable. They are small in size but robust in nature, and they look magnificent.
Our engines are low mileage imports and c
ome with a 6 month warranty. The 16v variant is a pre-1992 model and as such is exempt from the catalytic converter regulations when installed for the British market. We provide all the ancillaries needed to install these engines in specialist cars. We also provide and install cost effective performance upgrades.

Toyota 4AGE Engine with Supercharger

We have developed a supercharged 4AGE engine package. 20v engines can produce a power band from 122-220 BHP plus. They will rev to 8500RPM. They are modern, smooth, efficient and reliable. They are small in size but robust in nature, and above all they look magnificent. We can provide and install some cost effective performance upgrades.

Toyota 4age 20v supercharger upgrade

Supercharged Toyota 4AGE Engine

Since Raw introduced the Toyota 4age 1600cc multivalve engine over seven years ago it has acquired over 250 passionate followers.

The high revving characteristics along with the strong smooth power curve immediately created a reputation for exciting performance especially suited to light performance cars such as the Striker.

In defining a power upgrade strategy Raw did supply the 145bhp Silvertop version in standard form. Due to prices for these engines fluctuating wildly today, we now only supply a bolt on supercharger option raising the power to 220 and 270+ bhp with internal upgrades. The first upgrade to 220 bhp retains all the standard injectors and there is no need to decompress – Nb. this is available from Raw today.

This upgrade has been undertaken in conjunction with Omex Technology using the highly efficient Rotrex supercharger which could be described as a belt driven turbocharger. As it is the size of an alternator it has created the possibility of a very neat lightweight installation. Also there is no lag and a very progressive torque and power curve making driving safe at low to medium revs but absolutely mind blowing higher up the rev range. This type suits a road and track configuration. All kits come with the Rotrex supercharger, intercooler, plenum, pipe work, filter and all fixing and additional electronics needed for the Omex 600 system

Striker Toyota 1600 4AGE engine

Advantages of these units

    • Small lightweight and powerful easing installation in small engine compartments
    • Robust and yet exciting revving to 8000 rpm in standard form
    • Easy to fit upgrades
    • Very Affordable
    • Extremely driveable in all conditions Range and prices.

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