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Toyota 1600 20v 4A-GE supercharger package


We now have the new Toyota 1600 20v 4A-GE  supercharger package in stock.

Raw's Toyata supercharger kit

Supercharged 4AGE Toyota 1600

Available as a full kit or part by part, this package simply bolts onto the engine and with the addition of a rolling road engine mapping session you can up your horse power from 145bhp and 116lbft of torque to an amazing  215bhp and 165lbft torque. The engine maintains its high revving characteristics and  smooth power curve means it remains extremely driveable.
The package includes the parts needed to convert the 20v silvertop Toyota 4A-GE engine to 220bhp without internal modification.

This kit makes a fun engine…
into a real power house.

Base Engine: The supercharger kit is designed for use with a Toyota 4A GE silvertop (customer supplied) Black top owners please ask for options.

Engine Internals: Internals can be kept standard for low boost levels. (up to 220bhp)
Engine Management: This kit is designed for use with Omex 600, (or other) ECU unit. If your engine is not, please contact us.

Sensors: Map sensor available for boost pressure measurement.
Supercharger: Rotrex – centrifugal supercharger with oil cooler, proven as extremely reliable.

Brackets: Cad designed billet aluminium bracket supplied with kit.

Inlet: Raw designed plenum, retaining standard throttle plates, idle air bypass etc.

Pipework: Vehicle specific and so only the Striker option is given in kit detail. For other vehicle installations, please ask for details.

Inter-cooler: A suitable inter-cooler is required for the installation. Raw can supply one if required.

View or download PDF Pricing: Click here for a PDF supercharger pricing sheet.



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