Raw Striker 2.0 Zetec Track Car


Raw Striker 2.0 Zetec Track Car

Year of Manufacture



Ford Zetec on throttle body’s 170 bhp




5 speed BGH heavy duty long first


Front lightweight 4 pot hispec callipers with greenstuff pads

Ford sierra rear callipers


Team dynamic wheel with toyo 888 tyres


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Track days in a Raw Striker come for a test drive

Track Day Test Drives


Cameras can help you improve - study your driving between track days.

Track Day Test Drives

Contact us about a Test drive or a track day place.


As Complete Kit Car point out it is difficult to “safely extend” your kit car on public roads and therefore not easy to improve your driving skills without visiting circuits to enjoy the freedom they offer drivers.


Track days provide the opportunity to test the limits of your car and your own abilities as a driver can moved onward and upward. It is safe to say that most kit

car owners relish the chance to do just this in a safe environment.

Raw attended days offers a great opportunity to join other similar vehicles on a friendly low key track day.

Raw Strikers at llandow Track Day Test Drives

Most Common Track day Locations:


Location: West of Cardiff by 10miles
Llandow circuit website
Hayabusa Striker at Llandow (video)

Anglesey – North Wales

Anglesey Circuit website

Anglesey Info – You missed Raw’s Anglesey day this time around,
but we will be there again rest assured.
Take a look at the circuit above..
or a Raw Phoenix on the track on YouTube.

We visit a number of circuits throughout the year
and look forward to seeing Raw car owners on track.
If you let us know your out there, we can let you know where we are going!


Striker Kit / Car

The Striker;
looks exciting and is cost effective to build, drive, insure & maintain.


A true drivers car, the Striker is equally at home on road or track. Whether you’re looking for weekend driving excitement, to compete in a race series, or for some track day fun, consider the Striker.
Engineered to combine exceptional handling with performance with drivability. Making for an impeccably mannered and very high performance car. This, combined with 20 years of racetrack heritage, ensures that the Striker never disappoints.
Starting with a Ford based self-build kit, a road car can be built for a lot less than you might imagine. Complete base kit packages are very competitively priced and you will struggle to find Striker performance anywhere for the same budget.
Purchase a full kit or just a few major components to start your build. The base kit is fully upgradeable and the same chassis is used in road and track cars. (A lowered “TR” chassis is available for track/race only use.) Numerous upgrade option ensure that customers can evolve the car with the confidence that the Striker’s incredible handling and performance are only enhanced.
Both customer built cars and of course factory models pass the new more stringent single vehicle approval test(required for road use) known as the IVA (individual vehicle approval) without a headache.

Raw Striker


Another Striker TR sets a new track record on its debut outing

Striker TR wins

STRIKER TR sets a new track record

Marc Conroy was thrilled to have set the fastest time at his debut with his new STRIKER TR at Thruxton on 27th May 2006. As the weather was terrible and it rained down in bucket loads, the track was very treacherous. Also, as it was the first time the 750 MC had used Thruxton, it was a steep learning curve for those who had not raced there before. As it happened, Marc was beaten to the Podium high spot by a more experienced driver, but in his heroic chase Marc set the fastest time which is now the lap record!

This is the second time this year that the STRIKER TR has set a lap record on its debut, as Gary Goodyear did it earlier this year. This proves a second time that the STRIKER is just as competitive, or even more competitive than ever. Just as we proved when we were racing in the RGB in 2004, it is still possible to win races with our open wheeled type vehicle, even though all the full-bodied variants are boasting of their aerodynamics and other features! They are still playing catch up with the new lowered race STRIKER TR.

We would also like to thank all the other STRIKER competitors in the race at Thruxton. Four of them came in the top 10 – what an achievement! We would like to thank Gary Goodyear, Paul Cooper, Nic Scott, Jonathon Barret and Paul Boyd for flying the STRIKER flag – well done lads! Also thank to all those STRIKER fans that came to support us. It was great to see you there.

The next race is at Brands the weekend of the 10th June. Check on the details with 750 MC and go along and support it. All the lads will be pleased to see you.

Also, if you are interested in building a genuinely competitive car, come and see how good the STRIKER TR really is. You know many manufacturers boast of their racing experience but when you ask about the heritage or present form of the car – well – it is a job to beat the STRIKER! Give us a ring – we are only too willing to help.


Mel Coppock

The image is of the sister car to Marc Conroy’s, Gary Goodyear’s STRIKER TR, breaking the record at Brands Hatch in May.