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Track Day Test Drives


Cameras can help you improve - study your driving between track days.

Track Day Test Drives

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As Complete Kit Car point out it is difficult to “safely extend” your kit car on public roads and therefore not easy to improve your driving skills without visiting circuits to enjoy the freedom they offer drivers.


Track days provide the opportunity to test the limits of your car and your own abilities as a driver can moved onward and upward. It is safe to say that most kit

car owners relish the chance to do just this in a safe environment.

Raw attended days offers a great opportunity to join other similar vehicles on a friendly low key track day.

Raw Strikers at llandow Track Day Test Drives

Most Common Track day Locations:


Location: West of Cardiff by 10miles
Llandow circuit website
Hayabusa Striker at Llandow (video)

Anglesey – North Wales

Anglesey Circuit website

Anglesey Info – You missed Raw’s Anglesey day this time around,
but we will be there again rest assured.
Take a look at the circuit above..
or a Raw Phoenix on the track on YouTube.

We visit a number of circuits throughout the year
and look forward to seeing Raw car owners on track.
If you let us know your out there, we can let you know where we are going!

Raw Fulcrum - Striker based Kit Car

Fulcrum Wind Tunnel Testing

Raw has secured some testing time in the wind tunnel at MIRA with a professional aerodynamicist. We have already had a 2 hour session with the Fulcrum and now we are going to examine the results, take account of the advice received and make some modifications and book in a further 2 hour session.Many people talk about the aerodynamic nature of their car but this experience has taught us is that three dimensional fluid dynamics is a complex subject and with it lies many mysteries. Also down force front and rear and drag often fight against each other. We also found that making small and possibly obscure changes can change the balance of the car in an unbelievable manner. We feel that this work will not only give us solid data to work from but also enable us to refine further what is already a trophy winning combination.

Raw Fulcrum - Striker based Kit Car

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Development news!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

It seems that our very latest race results are now being taken seriously. We have never boasted of our personal racing experience although we have had our successes when we were racing the first Striker TR during development.

With Andy Charsley a previous Formula Ford Champion at the helm we learned a huge amount about winning races and car set up. This has also precipitated much of our development work.

This is in direct contrast to some of our competitors who continually go on about their own racing experience in other previous championships. We always say you are buying a car not our experience so we have always let the Striker do the talking and just mentioned the 25 year heritage in race success. We have tried to build on that with the development of upgrades, the lowered chassis and also the Fulcrum.

Well customers are now taking us seriously. In the workshop Martin is building a supercharged CBR 1000 RRR Striker TR that will be racing in the Welsh series this year by Mr Russell Haggerty. The next car to be built is one we have been commissioned to for a customer who wants a seriously quick track car. The spec of this is an over 200 bhp Hayabusa powered Striker TR with all the trick bits on it. This customer has come to us after a disastrous experience with one of our competitors so the pressure is on. However it was the performance on the race track that has brought these customers to us. Remember what Enso Ferrari said ‘Win on Sunday, sell on Monday’. This is starting to happen and we encourage anyone that wants a sure fired performance car for the road or track …….Come and see us

We are also installing black top 2 litre engines into two cars a Striker and a Caterham. This 170 bhp engine is proving to be popular as it is very well priced for a new engine of this power. It is the one in our Striker Challenge so it is fully tested in the format we fit.

We are still doing deals for those who want to build a budget Striker. Remember all Strikers are upgradable. Start with a budget build and then upgrade is a very cost effective way of building and having fun

Chassis body kits from: £3,170 incl vat

Fully comprehensive single donor kits from: £5,999 incl vat

Car in a box Striker T150 kit from: £13,500 incl vat

Fully built Striker T150 from £17,000 incl vat

Fulcrum only costs £2000 more spec for spec over the Striker