raw offer OMEX controlled Ford Zetec Engines

Zetec Supercharger Package

Raw supercharged zetec for all kit carsSupercharged 220+ BHP Engines & Bolt On Zetec Supercharger Package kits;

For those hungry for more power in Raw or other kit cars, we are now offering our new upgraded supercharged 2.0L Zetec developing 220 bhp from a standard bolt on package. With modified internals and  the supercharger setup another hundred horse power is possible. This system developed in conjunction with OMEX is producing blistering performance through a linear power curve that makes power delivery very manageable. Available as an engine package, or as a bolt on supercharger kit, just remap and go!

powerful kit car engines from RawRaw’s new kit car engines can produce big power to weight ratios making for plenty of pickup to match the Raw chassis handling capabilities, without being so heavy as to effect your cornering.  This makes for a car setup capable of letting you to propel yourself past super-cars on track and stay ahead !

We have also added the option of combining the new flagship engines with a Sadev sequential gearbox available through Raw Striker Ltd. and offering flat-shift and gear changes in 0.04 seconds for practically seamless acceleration from 0-max. velocity. Sadev systems have been tried and tested for years in Rally cars and are a proven power delivery method we are very excited about, although they are not ideal budget projects!

Superchargers are also available for the 20v Toyota 4A-GE silver top engines.

Contact us for full details about our engines, (which are not limited to kit car installation).



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