Raw is proud to introduce the STRIKER
A specialist sports / kit car with true race pedigree.

The STRIKER looks exciting and is cost effective to build, race, insure and maintain.

Whether you’re looking to compete in a race series, or for some track day or weekend excitement, or join the kit car drivers out there, consider the STRIKER.


The STRIKER was engineered to combine exceptional handling with performance with drive-ability.
This, combined with 20 years of racetrack heritage, ensures The Raw Striker kit carthat the STRIKER never disappoints and always turns heads.
Starting with a Ford Sierra based self-build kit, a road car can be built for as little as £5,500. Most components are upgradeable and the regular track car chassis is identical to that of the road car, although a lowered “TR” chassis is available for track only use. Numerous specifications ensure that customers create a car that is personal to them but with the confidence that the Striker’s incredible
handling and performance are not compromised. We have seen both our customer built cars and of course factory models pass the new more stringent SVA, (single vehicle approval) called the IVA (individual vehicle approval).
For those with little time to spare, well equipped factory built cars, with the sensational TOYOTA or Super Bike performance-engine packages are available from £13,000.


“Coupled with Raw’s Zetec engine packages, Toyota or other modern units, the STRIKER combines sophisticated manners with outstanding agility”

“They’re definitely one of the unsung heros of the kit car market – lighter, better handling and much better value than the competition”

“On track it’s often quickest car out there;

You could irritate no end of more expensive things, none of which expected you to be sailing past”


The STRIKER built to a  specification that suits you.

Everyone is different, we can supply a vehicle to suit your needs/budget. For example, there are two suspension options available: basic ‘live axle’ and fully independent. The car can be built using donor parts from Ford vehicles. Raw supplies an extensive range of performance upgrades including different engine specifications, transmissions and braking systems. Raw specialised in the Toyota 4age twin cam 1600cc engine in 16, 20 valve and supercharged form, which are a perfect power source for the Striker. This is still an option on the cars, but due to reliability of sourcing engines the Ford  Zetec is now the base unit used. Other options include the Vauxhall 8v and bike engines (normally Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki) which are regularly accommodated. Striker cars are entered in a variety of race series, sprints and hill-climbs. Owners are invited to e-mail their latest results for inclusion on our Raw News Page.

 Raw uses a Zetec package as standard, with a modified sump is suited to a number of upgrades whenever you choose to add to a base package power of 150BHP. See the Engines page for more info, click here.


People refer to the STRIKER… as a ‘seven-type car’, it’s really unlike any other.

Raw Striker videos

It was designed to compete, not to imitate. It is one of the most successful competitors in the 750 Motor Club race series and is used in other series across the world.  It is regarded by many in the specialist car industry as the benchmark in terms of handling and driving dynamics.

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