Raw Striker Kit Car

Striker Kit Car

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Raw Striker track day carRaw Striker kit car packages;

contain all the parts you will need to complete the kit car for road use. No need to source engine, gearbox or other hard to find components… Unless you want to.

Raw Kit cars are in fully flexible packages and can be purchased in one hit, or part by part. At the other end of the spectrum we also supply turn key cars if building kits is not your thing and you want your thrills without the grease!

Exciting and cost effective to build, drive, insure & maintain.

A true drivers car, the Striker is equally at home on road or track. Whether you’re looking for weekend driving excitement, to compete in a motorsport series, or for some track day fun, consider the Striker.

Engineered to combine exceptional handling & performance with drivability.

Making for an impeccably mannered and very high performance car. This, combined with 20 years of racetrack heritage, ensures that the Striker never disappoints.
Starting with a Ford based self-build kit, a road car can be built for a lot less than you might imagine. Complete kit car packages are very competitively priced and you will genuinely struggle to find Striker performance anywhere for the same budget.

Available in “Classic” and “Aero-Screen” style.

The Striker is available in the Classic format as originally designed by Mr. Phillips and Raw Aero-Screen version with the face-lift body panels and no screen.

The Classic is ideally suited to a track car as it combines well with the full cage option offered. The classic is also available with side screens and a hood if required.

The Aero Screen Striker can also take a full cage if specified.

Ultimately it’s a question of personal choice as the Classic and Aero-screen cars effectively use an almost identical chassis and 99% of parts are interchangeable.


Raw Striker aero screen kit car Classic Raw Striker

Purchase a full kit or a few major components to start your build.

The base kit car package is fully upgradeable and the same chassis is used in road and track cars. (A lowered “TR” chassis is available for track/motorsport only use.) Numerous upgrade option ensure that customers can evolve the car with the confidence that the Striker’s incredible handling and performance are only enhanced.


Both customer built kit cars and of course factory models pass the new more stringent individual vehicle approval test(required for road use) known as the IVA (individual vehicle approval) without a headache.

Classic Raw Striker with cage

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Performance . Road Ready Striker . Options Packs . Engines . Kit Costs

Raw Striker road car

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