RAW Striker Kit Car

Striker Kit Costs

Striker kit costs

For best value of all, combined with the satisfaction of the job, build your own RAW Striker for a lot less than you might think.

A full kit including practically everything needed to build a Striker kit car; Yours for £12,995

This comprehensive kit car package includes everything you will need to build a car up from kit form, bar the odd nut & bolt and of course the tools required to do the job.

Rolling Chassis or chassis and wishbones or indeed any part kit specification can be worked out from our detailed price list to suit you. (see below). Now that’s not something you can get everywhere!

striker kit costs

Our online self build manual is accessible via this website.
See: guide to building a Raw Striker from parts supplied as a kit.
Nb. This manual is due for an update which we will publish as soon as we can.


Detailed costing part by part for kit car builds;

Raw Striker Prices Striker kit car price summaryRaw striker options list

Download The Striker PDF Price list.

Download The Striker Price Summary Sheet

Download the options list, (still growing)

Call or email us for a chat about Raw striker kit costs and kit car upgrade prices.
Please note, prices are subject to change at Raw’s discretion.


Raw Striker kit car costsRaw’s Entry level striker, 150BHP and heaps of torque!

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