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Seamus Ryan: The most consistent driver of the year

Saemus Ryan's striker

Monday, 29 January 2007

From the Irish Formula Libre website:

‘The most consistent driver of the year, though, was Seamus Ryan driving his Hayabusa engined Raw Striker kit car, who not only scored points in every race, but also shaved over 4 seconds off his best lap time in the course of the year. He eventually finished second in the points just 5 behind the champion, a remarkable achievement, and testament to all involved in the preparation and development of his car.’

‘Seamus’s car is the ex-works Striker race car which came second in the 2004 RGB series. He was racing against single seater race cars such as Ralt RT33, F5 Leastone, Mallock MK26, Van Diemen FR90 etc.’

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