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Weapons Grade Raw Phoenix kit car


Complete Kit Car November 2011
“The Phoenix turns with military precision”
“Driving position is nothing short of perfection”
“Power is instantaneous and relentless” and “genuinely extraordinary”
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“Raw develop Striker into
genuine Caterham rival”

ANDY CHARSLEY (race driver)

“Totally outclassed all other equivalent cars and almost beat the full bodied mid engine race car that won the series. Must be one of the quickest of its kind”

Striker 2011 Demo Car

BILL SOLLIS, Brands Hatch instructor and racer on Ultimate Kit car Lotus seven replicas DVD

“That was great. I thoroughly enjoyed driving it. The whole package is beautifully balanced. There is something about the car……It made me feel good”.


“its got a brilliant feel to it and terrific reaction in all the controls….an inspiration”

AUTOCAR (sept 2002)

“it makes a corking Sunday morning car and a very effective method of covering the standing mile”


“so much fun is the Striker that I stayed out for virtually the whole session picking up more and more speed ….. the Striker was hugely entertaining”

Bang For your Buck

Those in search of the best bang/buck ratio should always look to our flourishing kit car industry. Some are bad, some are ugly, but most are good and a few are extremely quick—and among the finest of the cheapies is the Striker.’

‘Three grand on the tacho’ and a dumped clutch produces a chirp from the rear tyres — the rears, note — and a 5.1 second 0-60 time; you need a lot of Caterham to beat that.’

For the full article, see Autocar magazine, 25 September, 2000

‘Strike force: Raw develops Striker into a genuine Caterham rival.’

December 2000

‘First impressions on the track were once again the revviness of the little Toyota which seems more powerful than the numbers suggest.’

‘…there was no doubt about the Striker’s speed. As far as we could determine, it was usually the quickest car out there; the brakes were tireless and the traction pretty good and… you could irritate no end of more expensive things, none of which expected you to be sailing past into any of the Brand’s many turns.’

‘So if the Striker still doesn’t have quite the Caterham’s engineering refinement or detail finish, there is no longer any doubt whatsoever as to its abilities. There really is something extremely satisfying about seeing off a car with a much bigger engine, and a much bigger price tag.’

For the full article see Circuit Driver magazine, December 2005.

Raw Striker T150 vs Ginetta G20 vs Tiger Avon Classic

Raw Striker T150 vs Ginetta G20 vs Tiger Avon Classic
‘…the overall consensus was that the Raw Striker was just a more focused machine. The Toyota engine was an absolute peach and happily let you explore the upper echelons of the 8000rpm rev range without so much as a whimper.’
‘The gearbox, which was aided by a short shift was tidy and precise and didn’t leave you fumbling around for fifth and hitting third by mistake and the pedals were well spaced and easy to find.’
‘In short, you get in and everything feels right which in turn makes you feel more confident and able to push harder and faster than in the Ginetta and Tiger.’
‘[The Striker] can take you to places that the other two can only dream of.’
For the full article see Track and Race Car Magazine, January 2006.