Phoenix Costs

Buy a turn key version of the Phoenix kit car (contact us for current prices),
or explore Raw’s Phoenix kit car costs below;


For best value of all, combined with the satisfaction of the job, build your own RAW Phoenix for a lot less than you might think.

A full kit including all the parts needed to build a Striker can be yours for £13,995

Buy kit parts as you build to spread costs, start your build with a rolling chassis or chassis and wishbones or any part kit specified by you. Full kits or part kit prices can be worked out from our price list to suit you and your budget. (see below).

Raw Phoenix value for money

Detailed costing part by part for kit builds;


Raw Striker Prices Raw striker options list

Download The Phoenix kit car PDF Price list.

Download the options list, (still growing)

Call or email us for a chat about kits and upgrade prices.
Please note, prices are subject to change at Raw’s discretion.

If you wish to build your kit car and have us make pre-IVA inspection we can. All Raw’s cars have passed IVA and we are experienced in helping customers pass the test, or even getting it through for them.


Raw Striker kit car prices


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Phoenix kit car costs

Phoenix considered a serious option for those in the market for performance cars…