Raw Phoenix kit care

Classic looks combined with Raw’s performance chassis and our engine options will guarantee this car not only looks, but performs as you would expect from a Raw car. Available as a kit or complete car with 150 BHP up to super car power to weight ratios. Whether you choose a Phoenix for road or track, this car will not disappointed.

Wind Tunnel Testing

Raw took the Phoenix to MIRA’s full scale wind tunnel for testing and found a few areas for improvement… read more.

Phoenix wind tunnel testing - Click for more info.

Convert Your Striker…

To compliment the Striker and Fulcrum,  the Phoenix, the old favorite is based on the Striker running gear and chassis making conversion an option for striker owners. Originally dubbed the Mk4 Striker, so this is not a compromise, but a tailored shell for the chassis. Now you can enjoy the acclaimed performance of the Striker chassis in the classic body style once again.

Raw’s Phoenix

 Our best performing engine to date, with 320BHP and torque through the roof! The Phoenix has a rather special 6 speed Sadev sequential gearbox, ECU controlled traction and launch control. Powered by the 2.0L Zetec and a Rotrex supercharger, delivering smooth, but huge power, ( 500 + BHP/ton) combined with the superb handling resulting in blistering performance.

Raw - Soon to offer the Phoenix

Please note, prices are subject to change at Raw’s discretion.


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