Raw Phoenix Kit Car

Phoenix Undergoes Wind Tunnel Tests at MIRA

Raw as you may be aware recently added the Phoenix to their range of cars to compliment the striker and fulcrum have recently made a visit to MIRA where the Phoenix underwent wind tunnel testing.

Phoenix  - Raw's new car undergoes wind tunnel tests
Car seen with “makeshift” front spoiler in testing at MIRA

The aim of the exercise was to establish the Phoenix’s drag factor and look for any areas in which drag could be lessened and down force improved in order to achieve best possible gains in the cars handling and grip as well as top end speed. A standard shell was used on the road going chassis in order that the results would benefit not only the race cars, but road going vehicles too.

For an open topped car the testing revealed the Phoenix has a fairly good drag coefficient of  0.523. Once this was established the MIRA team went on testing and highlighted areas where improvements could be made to down force and cooling efficiency. As a result we have altered the rake angle of the shell forward a couple of degrees and will be developing a small air dam for the front of the car, which will be offered as an option in the near future. Testing showed this improves front end grip at speeds over approximately 50MPH . The cooling system was scrutinised and additional venting will be added to the car in order to achieve the optimum airflow through the radiator and engine bay. The new venting is located to interfere with passage of air over car as little as possible in order to maintain the smooth flow of air and low drag.

Additional under skinning can also be applied as on race versions of the car in order to maximise down force and minimise drag – but we all already knew that!

Wind tunnel aerodynamic testing

MIRA wind tunnel tests

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