Garage Services For All Cars

Kit Car Garage ServicesRaw offers a full selection of garage services for all types of car service. We are able to provide extremely competitive rates so get in touch for a quote.

General Servicing

Raw can service and perform repairs on all makes and models with the attention to detail you would expect from a specialist manufacturer. With full diagnostic software and ramps we are well placed to able to provide for your requirements.

 Refurbishment Services

If your classic or kit car needs a little attention let us refurbish it.

Build Services

Have Raw make you a factory car, or finish off your part built kit car build.
We offer build services for those who have run out of time to finish a project, or who need the car faster than they can produce it themselves. All Raw work is completed to high standards as many owners can testify.

Kit Car Servicing

Have your kit car serviced by Raw for safety and peace of mind.
We can go over your car and recommend any replacement parts or point out any areas that may need attention to keep it in top condition, as well of course as completing any standard service work that your car requires.

Geometry Check & Adjust Service

Race cars, or road & track cars alike can benefit from a geometry tune. Raw can check your kit car’s geometry and ensure that everything is aligned exactly as it should be. Our experienced team have ten years of race and road car setups under their belt and know how to get the best from a chassis on road or track as numerous championship winners can confirm.

Upgrade Services

After some mileage as an owner you may feel like an upgrade to your car, obviously many owners complete their own kit car upgrades, but we can perform them if required. On offer are all the usual upgrades from Raw; power upgrades brake upgrades, trim upgrades… the options would make a long list. Specialties include supercharging Ford & Toyota engines.

Accident Repair Services

Should the worst happen and you damage your kit car we can offer a full repair service. We have straightened many chassis that have come unstuck on track and the repairs generally end up invisible. In fact the geometry setup service we apply post repairs often renders a customer’s kit car better handling than before they broke it!

Pre IVA Inspection Service

Everyone is apprehensive to a degree about their IVA inspection, at Raw we offer a pre inspection check to customers or a full IVA pass service. Either bring us your finished car for a once over by our experienced team who should be able to confirm all the points checked on your car before the test. If you like we can take your car to the test for you.

For more detail on All Garage Services contact Raw;
either on 01432 371169, or via the contact page.