Fulcrum Kit Car

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Based on Raw’s striker kit car, the fulcrum offers a slick new slook and increased performance due to the wind tunnel testing and engine combinations.

Raw Fulcrum Engines - Zetec & 4AGE

Raw Fulcrum shows Westfield the way !

Raw released the Fulcrum at Autosport. Based on the already successful Striker chassis Raw have developed this modern full body GT racer. Three are being built to compete in the 750 Motorclub Kit car and RGB race series. Two previous champions Gary Goodyear in the Kit car series and Tim Gray in the RGB series will be competing in the Fulcrum. Gary will be supported by almost half a grid of Strikers many of which are now the lowered TR chassis which has become the car to beat, but Gary still managed to lay down a  new lap record at Brands Hatch in the Fulcrum. The RGB cars will be supported by Andy Bates of A B Performance who is always on hand with his mobile workshop at every race meeting giving unparalleled support to all his customers. He already provides almost all the Fireblade engines to the series and so has become a sure helping hand to all his customers.
If you are interested in club motorsport of any type such as sprint, hill, autotest come and see us and learn about the Striker, the Fulcrum and the TR chassis which is quickly becoming a market leader.
Raw Fulcrum - Striker based Kit Car