Forze Hydrogen car; based on the Striker chassis

The Forze Hydrogen Car is Taking Shape

Forze have developed a number off smaller vehicles , but now after five years of development the team made a big step forward due to a significant increase in performance and size in the NEW Forze Hydrogen car.

The new car is based on the Raw’s Striker chassis and will have pretty serious performance figures as can be seen below.

 “With the car we can shock and revolutionize the race world” says Michel Haak, team manager of Forze. Since last summer (2012) the team worked on the new Forze Hydrogen car and many hours of engineering time have been invested in this final design, which will be built during this spring based on the acclaimed Raw Striker underpinnings.

In the coming summer the Forze Hydrogen car will race on circuits in the Benelux against petrol powered cars in the Caterham Cup. Besides that, the team will also race on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Green Car will try to break the lap record for hydrogen powered vehicles.


Currently the calculated performance statistics for the Forze Hydrogen powered race car look like they will be as follows:

Acceleration: 0-100 km/hour   <4 seconds 

Top Speed: 220KM/hour

Power: 100kW nominal / 200kW peak

Weight: 800kg

The Forze Hydrogen car shell will be as depicted below and incorporates aerodynamic design put together with digital modelling for best performance.

Raw Striker chassis based Hydrogen fuel cell race car from Forze Hydrogen Team Delft

There are many components to accommodate in a Hydrogen car not associated with a standard power train which means no passenger seat.

Raw Striker based Hydrogen car from Forze motorsport team Delft

Power Provided by the Hydrogen fuel cell as can be seen here:

Forze-VI Hydrogen power unit

Exploding the car to see all its components:

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