Ford Zetec 2.0

Raw’s Ford Zetec 2.0 range of engines and upgrades…

produced in conjunction with OMEX have been developed to be solutions that are truly ‘turn-key’. The engines are all hot run on a test rig, the cams run-in, throttle bodies balanced and emissions pre-set where applicable.

Ford Zetec

The complete package is run to ensure that everything is fully tested as a unit, including the ECU and the wiring harness that will remain with your engine. As the ECUs are pre-calibrated to your engine specification, there is no need for any OmexPower engine to to be run on a rollingroad or engine dyno and no PC connection is required. The engine is shipped fully assembled so can be simply fitted and started. A range of power outputs and optional extras are available so that you can choose the perfect engine for your vehicle.

Base engine

Based on NEW Ford Zetec 2.0 Focus engines


All engines are supplied with a pre-calibrated ECU, joined to the engine using a heatshrunk
race-spec wiring harness. All required sensors are also included.

Inlet System

Standard inlet used on engine ZE20F010. Proven, reliable, Jenvey throttle bodies are used on all other
engines. Injectors and fuel pressure regulator are also included.


A new cast wet sump with internal baffles and improved ground clearance is included.

Flywheel and clutch

A standard flywheel and clutch is included with the engine. Upgrades are available.


DIS coil pack, ignition leads, and spark plugs are all included.


A two wire high output alternator fitted with billet aluminium brackets.


Standard cams in the 145 and 170 engine. Uprated cams in the 185 and 200 engines.

Cylinder Head

Standard head on the 145, 170 and 185 engines. Modified head on the 200 engine.

Optional extras

Lightened flywheels, starter motors, and bellhousings are all available, as well as many others.


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