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Striker Build Manual
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Raw Leaflet
1/3rd A4 leaflet containing info on Raw cars.


We can offer IVA (individual vehicle approval test) help on request. From advice to pre-test checks, whilst we cannot guarantee a pass, we can make it a lot more likely simply because we are at the test station talking to the VOSA team on a regular basis and are aware of the updates and pitfalls.

VOSA / DVLA kit car forms for download

Latest IVA Inspection Manual
(updated May 2012)

IVA application form
(word Document)

IVA info from Complete Kit Car Magazine

Application for a Vehicle Identity Check

Amateur Build Declaration

VOSA’s test related download page

IVA test for kit cars

 Raw Striker kit car undergoes IVA test at a VOSA test station Click for VOSA info. (new window).



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Fulcrum Options Packs

Raw offer an extensive range of options that include:


  • Raw Striker Road CarChassis
  • Engine
  • Suspension
  • gearbox
  • Steering
  • Bodywork
  • Exhaust
  • Induction
  • Wheels
  • Tyres
  • Roll cage / Impact bars
  • Fuel system
  • Raw Fulcrum Track CarCooling system
  • Brakes
  • Guages
  • Trim

To name but a few.


The options list is ever expanding and enables Raw cars to be specified exactly to your requirements.

Options examples:

A road based car can include options suited to its use, like a tonneau, or side screens for wind protection.

A track based car could enjoy an engine upgrade for more power, or a roll cage for greater protection.


Download The Raw Cars Options List



Download the fully priced and ever expanding options list


Raw Fulcrum - Striker based Kit Car

Fulcrum Wind Tunnel Testing

Raw has secured some testing time in the wind tunnel at MIRA with a professional aerodynamicist. We have already had a 2 hour session with the Fulcrum and now we are going to examine the results, take account of the advice received and make some modifications and book in a further 2 hour session.Many people talk about the aerodynamic nature of their car but this experience has taught us is that three dimensional fluid dynamics is a complex subject and with it lies many mysteries. Also down force front and rear and drag often fight against each other. We also found that making small and possibly obscure changes can change the balance of the car in an unbelievable manner. We feel that this work will not only give us solid data to work from but also enable us to refine further what is already a trophy winning combination.

Raw Fulcrum - Striker based Kit Car


New lowered bonnet for the Fulcrum

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Having launched the new Fulcrum last year, Raw have taken note of the critique that was levelled at it. This was centred around the front aspects of the car, notably the high level of the bonnet. Many liked this front and it did afford a deal of practicality in that we could install almost any engine option without disturbing the silhouette of the car. The one thing we did not want to get into was putting a range of power bulges on to accommodate this engine options.

However we have now made an alternative bonnet which is 3 inches lower at the front. This has not changed the overall appearance of the car but when you look at it from the frontal angle it now looks lower, wider and more sleek. It has also taken away the bulkiness of the front. It has improved the performance also. Garry Goodyear who has fitted one to his race car now finds himself hitting the rev limiter in 5 th gear down the straight at Snetterton. A full 139 mph by the way. He could not achieve this last year with the previous bonnet.

Gary’s revised Fulcrum performed unbelievably well in it’s first outing at Snetterton by qualifying 1.7 secs ahead of any else and also chalking up two emphatic victories at the opening double header race for the 750 motor club race.He also carried on this success at Mallory Park the second outing for the 750 Motor Club Kit car race series. He won both races breaking the lap record by a second. Steve ward in the Duratec powered Striker TR came third in the first race and second in the other race, so it was a one two for Raw