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Australian Fulcrum Result

Australian Racer Gerry White in the SCMSA Series downunder.


Raw Fulcrum second in championship


Congratulations to Gerry for second place in the 3.0L sports car class of the SCMSA series. Gerry’s Fulcrum is fitted with an unusual installation of a Nissan power house.


Raw Fulcrum in Australia



race kit car

Go Kit Car Racing

race your kit carFancy Your Chances At Kit Car Racing?

Where to start? It’s a lot easier than you might think to get involved. Though motor racing can never be truly cheap, racing at club level is the backbone of the sport in this country and need not be prohibitively expensive.

It is still possible to race competitively in a car, which you have driven to the circuit. 

1. Get a Race Licence, issued by the Motor Sports Association (MSA).
2. Join the appropriate Motor Club.
3. Register for a championship or race series.

1. Getting a Race Licence:

race bike powered kit carApply to the MSA for a “Go Racing Pack ”; this will include a Race Licence Application Form, a simple Medical Form to be completed by your GP and a useful DVD/video outlining some of the things you will come across in your ARDS course.

What’s an ARDS Course? The Association of Racing Driving Schools, which are situated at most of the race circuits in the UK, run one-day courses which include theory tests of your basic knowledge of motor sport (flag signals etc) and a practical ‘test’ of your ability to drive safely around a circuit. On the assumption that you pass your ARDS course and your GP (or another Doctor) is happy with your physical condition, you can then apply to the MSA for your National B Race Licence. When you get your licence, you will also get a copy of the (commonly called the Blue Book). This contains all the General Regulations of the MSA some of which, like section [C (c)] – Safety, is essential reading; other bits will send you to sleep at night!

Join a Motor Club:

The 750 motor club hold a number of kit car racing championships and are a well established club offering , but by no means the only one offering kit car racing.
Download a 750 Motor Club membership form > Download here
Or search for other clubs here on the MSA site.

Register for a Championship/Race Series:

Choose a race series:
750 Motor Club race series – Click here to view /Download the regulations and registration form.

Costs (Approx.) :

race kit carsMSA ‘Go Racing’ Pack £55
ARDS Course (2008 rate) £275
MSA National B Licence £51
750 Motor Club Membership £50
Championship Registration £75

Other Considerations:

You will have to have the correct safety clothing (overalls, gloves, helmet); bear in mind that the standards for these are reviewed each year. It’s probably advisable to wait until you have your copy of the current ‘Blue Book’ before committing to the expense; it also ensures that you are not sold something which is not eligible in car racing – helmets are a prime example.

Oh, and I suppose you’ll need to have a race car as well!

A couple of race series For Your Consideration.

Sports Specials  – 750M/C Series For kit Cars

Description, regulations and registration for the Sports Specials formulae.

Vehicle Type

Catering for genuine ‘production’ Sports Specials, Kit Cars, including all Raw cars as well as’ one-off’ road-going two-seater specials, all using production car engines with modifications.

Classes are 2001 – 3500; 1800 Zetec; Striker, Phoenix or Fulcrum, Westfield Cup class cars; Caterham Superlight R300 & R400; roadgoing two-seater specials including one-off Sports Specials with power-to-weight ratio up to 340bhp/tonne


The original pick-up points must be used and suspension configuration retained. Springs and dampers are free.


Subject to no more than 4 pot callipers and no ABS, braking systems are free.


Gearbox and diff must be from a production car. Close ratio gears are permitted, maximum 5-speed plus reverse.


The control tyre is the Yokohama AO32R or AO48R. Rim width is 6″ or 7″ depending upon class.


There are 12 rounds in the 2012 season, of which the best 10 count for the Championship.


Registration fee for the 2012 Season is £110.
750 Motor Club membership for 12 months is £56.00 including a joining fee .

RGB Bike Engined Kit Car Racing Championship –
750M/C Series For Bike Engined Cars

Vehicle Type

Created in 2001, the RGB Championship (Roadgoing bike-engined cars) is for two-seater cars to roadgoing spec and capable of passing an MoT on the day of the event. The cars can be ‘one-off’, converted sports or Sports Specials or one of the many bike-engined Sports Specials, including Striker, Phoenix or Fulcrum.

Class F: Front-engined cars up to 1000cc.
Class R: Rear or mid-engined cars up to 1000cc
Class A: Front-engined, rear-engined or mid-engined cars over 1,000 cc up to 180bhp/134.228kw/182.49ps but limited to those specific cars which have competed in at least one RGB championship race prior to the end of the 2011 season.


Any series-production four-stroke motorcycle engine; two-stroke, multi-engine and turbo/supercharged are not permitted. Engines must remain entirely standard and unmodified, but dry-sump, carb jetting and exhaust system are free.


Suspension design and system is free, although ‘active’ suspension is not permitted.


Braking system is free, with the exception of ABS and carbon-fibre discs.


The gearbox and its ratios must be standard for the engine with a maximum of 6 forward speeds; there must also be a system of reverse which will drive the car and driver a distance of 3 metres and pass one of the wheels over a block 40mm square.


Yokohama A048R control tyre.


There are 14 rounds in the 2012 season, of which the best 12 count for the championship.


Registration fee for the 2012 Season is £110.
750 Motor Club membership for 12 months is £56.00 including a joining fee .
The Season Cost Is £1941 – This includes 14 x 15 lap races.

As can be seen, whilst not “cheap” as racing goes, Kit Car Racing is far from the expensive end of the spectrum and is more achievable than some might imagine. So what are you waiting for…? GO Kit Car Racing in your Striker, Phoenix or Fulcrum!


Fastest Striker in the world…?

600+ BHP StrikerPowered by a rotrex supercharger the honda k20 engine producing over 600 hp, the chassis of course has been developed to accommodate this power but much of the original tube work remains. A Hewland gearbox in the rear transfers power to the phenomenally wide slick tyres. The remaining parts of this rocket are bespoke, in house constructed by the team that built the car. All in all, probably the fastest striker in the world.

Watch a short clip of the car on YouTube – click here.

Hill climbing the 600 bhp striker

Irish Strykers

Irish Strykers


The Irish Stryker series is showing a resurgence with numbers up this season in the all action championship. This year has seen high drama with the first roll seen in the championship since its inception, followed immediately by another! Drivers were fine and raceing continues with trhe same vigour as is expected in this popular series.



Irish Stryker Race Series




Lightfoot Racing

Martyn Lightfoot chases title in comeback

Northern Saloon and Sports Car Championship title hopes are still on track.

Lightfoot Championship Challenger

The 32-year-old marine project manager from Redmarshall who is competing in the Northern Saloon & Sports Car  series this season with excellent form is in with a genuine shout of being crowned overall champion. Having suffered a blown engine and doubts over finishing the season on a tight budget things are looking up…

Read More at  http://www.gazettelive.co.uk

Image c/o http://www.gazettelive.co.uk


Kit Car Garage Services

19 Events, 18 Wins; Spencer Bros. Striker

Spencer Brothers 2011 Sprint Success Spencer Bros. Success In The Sprints This Year:


We do like to hear from customers with Striker success in the Motorsport scene…

David & Jim Spencer have had a pretty good season. The Brothers share a 1988 Striker Mk3, some of their results for the year are as follows:-


Spencer Brothers with their Raw Striker after a great year of results19 event starts > 18 class wins.

7 Class records

Class records at: Silverstone(Stowe Circuit), Anglesey (2 layouts), Pembrey & 3 Sisters (3 different layouts)


Midland Speed Championship

Jim Spencer, 1st Overall.
David Spencer, 1st in Class


Chester & Liverpool Speed Championship

Jim Spencer, 1st Overall


Hillclimb & Sprint Association (HSA) Speed Championship

Jim Spencer, 1st in Class
David Spencer, 2nd in Class


ANWCC Sprint Championship

Jim Spencer, 2nd Overall
David Spencer, 1st in Class


ANWCC Hillclimb Championship

Jim Spencer, 1st in Class
David Spencer, 2nd in Class



Another Striker TR sets a new track record on its debut outing

Striker TR wins

STRIKER TR sets a new track record

Marc Conroy was thrilled to have set the fastest time at his debut with his new STRIKER TR at Thruxton on 27th May 2006. As the weather was terrible and it rained down in bucket loads, the track was very treacherous. Also, as it was the first time the 750 MC had used Thruxton, it was a steep learning curve for those who had not raced there before. As it happened, Marc was beaten to the Podium high spot by a more experienced driver, but in his heroic chase Marc set the fastest time which is now the lap record!

This is the second time this year that the STRIKER TR has set a lap record on its debut, as Gary Goodyear did it earlier this year. This proves a second time that the STRIKER is just as competitive, or even more competitive than ever. Just as we proved when we were racing in the RGB in 2004, it is still possible to win races with our open wheeled type vehicle, even though all the full-bodied variants are boasting of their aerodynamics and other features! They are still playing catch up with the new lowered race STRIKER TR.

We would also like to thank all the other STRIKER competitors in the race at Thruxton. Four of them came in the top 10 – what an achievement! We would like to thank Gary Goodyear, Paul Cooper, Nic Scott, Jonathon Barret and Paul Boyd for flying the STRIKER flag – well done lads! Also thank to all those STRIKER fans that came to support us. It was great to see you there.

The next race is at Brands the weekend of the 10th June. Check on the details with 750 MC and go along and support it. All the lads will be pleased to see you.

Also, if you are interested in building a genuinely competitive car, come and see how good the STRIKER TR really is. You know many manufacturers boast of their racing experience but when you ask about the heritage or present form of the car – well – it is a job to beat the STRIKER! Give us a ring – we are only too willing to help.


Mel Coppock

The image is of the sister car to Marc Conroy’s, Gary Goodyear’s STRIKER TR, breaking the record at Brands Hatch in May.

Road ready striker

Seamus Ryan: The most consistent driver of the year

Saemus Ryan's striker

Monday, 29 January 2007

From the Irish Formula Libre website:

‘The most consistent driver of the year, though, was Seamus Ryan driving his Hayabusa engined Raw Striker kit car, who not only scored points in every race, but also shaved over 4 seconds off his best lap time in the course of the year. He eventually finished second in the points just 5 behind the champion, a remarkable achievement, and testament to all involved in the preparation and development of his car.’

‘Seamus’s car is the ex-works Striker race car which came second in the 2004 RGB series. He was racing against single seater race cars such as Ralt RT33, F5 Leastone, Mallock MK26, Van Diemen FR90 etc.’



lowered race striker chassis

In 2004 Raw developed a bespoke lowered chassis for the STRIKER. Driven by Andy Charsley in the 750 MC RGB class A series, this STRIKER became very successful on the track. With six outright wins and a close second in all other races against a rear engine enclosed body car it proved the STRIKER’s dynamic ability, durability and reliability.

Raw have now started production of this lowered chassis under the name of STRIKER TR. The first production model out this year driven by Gary Goodyear broke the 750 MC kit car lap record on its debut at Brands Hatch this year further proving its undoubted capability.

Further STRIKERs will be out this year including this one in the picture designed for sprint hill climb. It will have an Extreme 240 BHP Hayabusa engine with a multi-ratio Muffett differential on slicks, and it is hoped to have its debut in June this year by Mr Geoff Mason in the Westfield Speed series.

We hope this car will further strengthen the STRIKERs grip on the series as Mr Guy Hussey won it outright in 2005. We hope to continue to win even though only two STRIKERs will be allowed in the series!

The STRIKER TR can be produced for any race requirement.
Road height: 70mm
Wheel size: 13″ – 15″
Brakes: As required
Engines: As required
Differentials and transmission: As required
Seats, pedal boxes and instruments: As required
Option of rose jointed wishbones and roller bearing rockers
Lightweight bodywork available in colour gel


Lowered chassis £750 extra on standard prices
Full rose jointed wishbones £650 extra on standard prices
Roller bearing rockers £160 extra on standard prices
Fitting of engines, pedal boxes, special differentials, etc, can be done at factory rates of £30/hour
Full set up facilities, laser alignment, electronic corner weights available in house.

We are the only small car manufacturer that can offer a lowered chassis to your specification.
We don’t just talk about motorsport, we have an unbeatable track record in club motorsport. If you want to win in club motorsport, contact us!


Striker Autotesting

striker autotest

striker autotesting

The BTRDA (British Trial & Rally Drivers Association) Autotest Championship is a racing series which involves maneuvering your vehicle around a memorised route with penalty points given if markers are struck or if the course is not completed.

There is a STRIKER in the top of its class in the 1500 Sports Car class driven by Stephen Morten. He is having success with leading the 1500 Sports Car class and is currently in 5th place overall in the Gold Star class. His son Ben is also having a great success in the STRIKER with currently being in 3rd place overall in the Silver Star class.

We hope that Stephen and Ben continue thir success in the STRIKER and further posts will follow as the championship continues.

For more information see the BTRDA website at www.BTRDA.com