raw offer OMEX controlled Ford Zetec Engines

Zetec Supercharger Package

Raw supercharged zetec for all kit carsSupercharged 220+ BHP Engines & Bolt On Zetec Supercharger Package kits;

For those hungry for more power in Raw or other kit cars, we are now offering our new upgraded supercharged 2.0L Zetec developing 220 bhp from a standard bolt on package. With modified internals and  the supercharger setup another hundred horse power is possible. This system developed in conjunction with OMEX is producing blistering performance through a linear power curve that makes power delivery very manageable. Available as an engine package, or as a bolt on supercharger kit, just remap and go!

powerful kit car engines from RawRaw’s new kit car engines can produce big power to weight ratios making for plenty of pickup to match the Raw chassis handling capabilities, without being so heavy as to effect your cornering.  This makes for a car setup capable of letting you to propel yourself past super-cars on track and stay ahead !

We have also added the option of combining the new flagship engines with a Sadev sequential gearbox available through Raw Striker Ltd. and offering flat-shift and gear changes in 0.04 seconds for practically seamless acceleration from 0-max. velocity. Sadev systems have been tried and tested for years in Rally cars and are a proven power delivery method we are very excited about, although they are not ideal budget projects!

Superchargers are also available for the 20v Toyota 4A-GE silver top engines.

Contact us for full details about our engines, (which are not limited to kit car installation).



Track days in a Raw Striker come for a test drive

Track Day Test Drives


Cameras can help you improve - study your driving between track days.

Track Day Test Drives

Contact us about a Test drive or a track day place.


As Complete Kit Car point out it is difficult to “safely extend” your kit car on public roads and therefore not easy to improve your driving skills without visiting circuits to enjoy the freedom they offer drivers.


Track days provide the opportunity to test the limits of your car and your own abilities as a driver can moved onward and upward. It is safe to say that most kit

car owners relish the chance to do just this in a safe environment.

Raw attended days offers a great opportunity to join other similar vehicles on a friendly low key track day.

Raw Strikers at llandow Track Day Test Drives

Most Common Track day Locations:


Location: West of Cardiff by 10miles
Llandow circuit website
Hayabusa Striker at Llandow (video)

Anglesey – North Wales

Anglesey Circuit website

Anglesey Info – You missed Raw’s Anglesey day this time around,
but we will be there again rest assured.
Take a look at the circuit above..
or a Raw Phoenix on the track on YouTube.

We visit a number of circuits throughout the year
and look forward to seeing Raw car owners on track.
If you let us know your out there, we can let you know where we are going!


Forze Hydrogen car; based on the Striker chassis

The Forze Hydrogen Car is Taking Shape

Forze have developed a number off smaller vehicles , but now after five years of development the team made a big step forward due to a significant increase in performance and size in the NEW Forze Hydrogen car.

The new car is based on the Raw’s Striker chassis and will have pretty serious performance figures as can be seen below.

 “With the car we can shock and revolutionize the race world” says Michel Haak, team manager of Forze. Since last summer (2012) the team worked on the new Forze Hydrogen car and many hours of engineering time have been invested in this final design, which will be built during this spring based on the acclaimed Raw Striker underpinnings.

In the coming summer the Forze Hydrogen car will race on circuits in the Benelux against petrol powered cars in the Caterham Cup. Besides that, the team will also race on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Green Car will try to break the lap record for hydrogen powered vehicles.


Currently the calculated performance statistics for the Forze Hydrogen powered race car look like they will be as follows:

Acceleration: 0-100 km/hour   <4 seconds 

Top Speed: 220KM/hour

Power: 100kW nominal / 200kW peak

Weight: 800kg

The Forze Hydrogen car shell will be as depicted below and incorporates aerodynamic design put together with digital modelling for best performance.

Raw Striker chassis based Hydrogen fuel cell race car from Forze Hydrogen Team Delft

There are many components to accommodate in a Hydrogen car not associated with a standard power train which means no passenger seat.

Raw Striker based Hydrogen car from Forze motorsport team Delft

Power Provided by the Hydrogen fuel cell as can be seen here:

Forze-VI Hydrogen power unit

Exploding the car to see all its components:

[embedplusvideo height=”371″ width=”610″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/NcpF97Tlzk0?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=NcpF97Tlzk0&width=610&height=371&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep6186″ /]

Garage Services

Kit car garage services

Spring is around the corner and in recent years March has proved to offer some of the best weather for the summer.

Are you ready for Spring? Have your car prepped, upgraded or whatever it is you think you need for the years enjoyment. From the basic to the outrageous, we should be able to help!

Whether used for road or track most cars benefit greatly from some TLC from the experts.

Kit Car Garage Services

Garage Services

Raw offers a full range of garage services for kit car owners. Choose upgrades and have the fitted by our knowledgeable team, enjoy the benefits of a well setup car, or simply purchase parts to upgrade at home. If the worst happens and you damage your rocket, Raw offer rebuild services, ask for a quote. You might be surprised what we can do.


We have an extensive range of Kit Car Parts & Upgrades in stock, obviously for Raw’s Striker, Phoenix & Fulcrum, but many are interchangeable with other kit cars. Visit the parts shop.

Striker TR wins


If you have a specific request about alterations you would like to perform to your kit car please get in touch. we can give you peace of mind that the car is track ready, or perhaps put your car back together if you have been over exuberant! Whilst not all accident damage is repairable, if we think it is, we can fix it for you to factory standards


Kit Car Setup

Whether it be for road or track use the turn in and balance of your kit car can be dramatically impaired by having an incorrect setup. We would recommend an annual check as a surprising number of vehicles we see are misaligned in one way or another. Customers are usually very pleasantly surprised by the difference in handling a setup session can make.



Raw Kit Car Shop


Raw online kit car parts shop

 The Raw kit car shop
is now Online 

Visit the Raw kitcarparts.co.uk website
to browse products, click here.


Specialist kit car parts …

We have an extensive selection of kit car parts for sale in the Raw kit car shop.
Please call us on 01432 371169 if you can’t find what you need for your car.

Toyota / Form bell housing for 4age type 9 use

Bell Housings; Ford type 9 to Toyota 4AGE Fitment

Toyota 4age to Ford type 9  fitment bell housings are only available from Raw.
Becoming a popular conversion in rally cars, kit cars and all sorts of unexpected installations.

£ 240+vat

Many other specialist parts available in the new shop.



Raw kit car mugRaw Mugs:
Mug showing Raw logo and kit car silhouette 

Great quality mugs, ideal treat for yourself,
no more being nagged to bring the
best mugs back from the garage!
Also ideal gift for kit car mad friend.


Raw Softshell Jacket

Softshell Jackets…

Raw Jackets
Softshell, micro fleece lined
Very cosy, wind proof and pretty much rain proof!
Ideal for blatting about in.

£55 – S/M/L/XL
mail or call us to order.

T Shirts

Raw Striker T shirt

Raw Striker Silhouette T-Shirts

Depicting a Striker and URL
Quality T shirt
Available in  black, other colours special order.
mail or call us to order.

Contact Raw Click Here

Raw Phoenix T ShirtRaw Striker Kit Car  T Shirt

Raw Striker T Shirt







Raw ebay shopWe also sell parts on ebay for the Striker, Phoenix & Fulcrum. If you don’t see what you need – Get In Touch


race kit car

Go Kit Car Racing

race your kit carFancy Your Chances At Kit Car Racing?

Where to start? It’s a lot easier than you might think to get involved. Though motor racing can never be truly cheap, racing at club level is the backbone of the sport in this country and need not be prohibitively expensive.

It is still possible to race competitively in a car, which you have driven to the circuit. 

1. Get a Race Licence, issued by the Motor Sports Association (MSA).
2. Join the appropriate Motor Club.
3. Register for a championship or race series.

1. Getting a Race Licence:

race bike powered kit carApply to the MSA for a “Go Racing Pack ”; this will include a Race Licence Application Form, a simple Medical Form to be completed by your GP and a useful DVD/video outlining some of the things you will come across in your ARDS course.

What’s an ARDS Course? The Association of Racing Driving Schools, which are situated at most of the race circuits in the UK, run one-day courses which include theory tests of your basic knowledge of motor sport (flag signals etc) and a practical ‘test’ of your ability to drive safely around a circuit. On the assumption that you pass your ARDS course and your GP (or another Doctor) is happy with your physical condition, you can then apply to the MSA for your National B Race Licence. When you get your licence, you will also get a copy of the (commonly called the Blue Book). This contains all the General Regulations of the MSA some of which, like section [C (c)] – Safety, is essential reading; other bits will send you to sleep at night!

Join a Motor Club:

The 750 motor club hold a number of kit car racing championships and are a well established club offering , but by no means the only one offering kit car racing.
Download a 750 Motor Club membership form > Download here
Or search for other clubs here on the MSA site.

Register for a Championship/Race Series:

Choose a race series:
750 Motor Club race series – Click here to view /Download the regulations and registration form.

Costs (Approx.) :

race kit carsMSA ‘Go Racing’ Pack £55
ARDS Course (2008 rate) £275
MSA National B Licence £51
750 Motor Club Membership £50
Championship Registration £75

Other Considerations:

You will have to have the correct safety clothing (overalls, gloves, helmet); bear in mind that the standards for these are reviewed each year. It’s probably advisable to wait until you have your copy of the current ‘Blue Book’ before committing to the expense; it also ensures that you are not sold something which is not eligible in car racing – helmets are a prime example.

Oh, and I suppose you’ll need to have a race car as well!

A couple of race series For Your Consideration.

Sports Specials  – 750M/C Series For kit Cars

Description, regulations and registration for the Sports Specials formulae.

Vehicle Type

Catering for genuine ‘production’ Sports Specials, Kit Cars, including all Raw cars as well as’ one-off’ road-going two-seater specials, all using production car engines with modifications.

Classes are 2001 – 3500; 1800 Zetec; Striker, Phoenix or Fulcrum, Westfield Cup class cars; Caterham Superlight R300 & R400; roadgoing two-seater specials including one-off Sports Specials with power-to-weight ratio up to 340bhp/tonne


The original pick-up points must be used and suspension configuration retained. Springs and dampers are free.


Subject to no more than 4 pot callipers and no ABS, braking systems are free.


Gearbox and diff must be from a production car. Close ratio gears are permitted, maximum 5-speed plus reverse.


The control tyre is the Yokohama AO32R or AO48R. Rim width is 6″ or 7″ depending upon class.


There are 12 rounds in the 2012 season, of which the best 10 count for the Championship.


Registration fee for the 2012 Season is £110.
750 Motor Club membership for 12 months is £56.00 including a joining fee .

RGB Bike Engined Kit Car Racing Championship –
750M/C Series For Bike Engined Cars

Vehicle Type

Created in 2001, the RGB Championship (Roadgoing bike-engined cars) is for two-seater cars to roadgoing spec and capable of passing an MoT on the day of the event. The cars can be ‘one-off’, converted sports or Sports Specials or one of the many bike-engined Sports Specials, including Striker, Phoenix or Fulcrum.

Class F: Front-engined cars up to 1000cc.
Class R: Rear or mid-engined cars up to 1000cc
Class A: Front-engined, rear-engined or mid-engined cars over 1,000 cc up to 180bhp/134.228kw/182.49ps but limited to those specific cars which have competed in at least one RGB championship race prior to the end of the 2011 season.


Any series-production four-stroke motorcycle engine; two-stroke, multi-engine and turbo/supercharged are not permitted. Engines must remain entirely standard and unmodified, but dry-sump, carb jetting and exhaust system are free.


Suspension design and system is free, although ‘active’ suspension is not permitted.


Braking system is free, with the exception of ABS and carbon-fibre discs.


The gearbox and its ratios must be standard for the engine with a maximum of 6 forward speeds; there must also be a system of reverse which will drive the car and driver a distance of 3 metres and pass one of the wheels over a block 40mm square.


Yokohama A048R control tyre.


There are 14 rounds in the 2012 season, of which the best 12 count for the championship.


Registration fee for the 2012 Season is £110.
750 Motor Club membership for 12 months is £56.00 including a joining fee .
The Season Cost Is £1941 – This includes 14 x 15 lap races.

As can be seen, whilst not “cheap” as racing goes, Kit Car Racing is far from the expensive end of the spectrum and is more achievable than some might imagine. So what are you waiting for…? GO Kit Car Racing in your Striker, Phoenix or Fulcrum!


Stoneleigh Kit Car Show 2012

Stoneleigh Kit Car Show 2012Raw will be at the world’s largest Kit Car Show which offers you a unique opportunity to see more Kit Cars in one place than at any other event on the planet. Here you have the opportunity to meet the manufacturers and see the great displays from all of the industry’s major players.

  • 4000 kit cars
  • 400 inside trade & 300 outside trade & club stands
  • Club displays, including:
  • 750 MC & WSCC
  • Live action
  • Have a go opportunities
  • Celebrity appearances
  • Live music on Sunday night
  • Free daily entry for kit car and driver
  • Free parking

Inside Stoneleigh’s extensive exhibition hall complex you will find hundreds of stands, selling everything a car builder needs, from nuts and bolts to a complete performance engine.

Outside of the halls at Stoneleigh you will find hundreds of club stands with over 4000 privately owned kit cars on display. If there was a kit made, then there will almost certainly be a Club to support it!

Stoneleigh kit car show

Stoneleigh kit car show

Supercharged Raw Striker race car for sale

Toyota 1600 20v 4A-GE supercharger package


We now have the new Toyota 1600 20v 4A-GE  supercharger package in stock.

Raw's Toyata supercharger kit

Supercharged 4AGE Toyota 1600

Available as a full kit or part by part, this package simply bolts onto the engine and with the addition of a rolling road engine mapping session you can up your horse power from 145bhp and 116lbft of torque to an amazing  215bhp and 165lbft torque. The engine maintains its high revving characteristics and  smooth power curve means it remains extremely driveable.
The package includes the parts needed to convert the 20v silvertop Toyota 4A-GE engine to 220bhp without internal modification.

This kit makes a fun engine…
into a real power house.

Base Engine: The supercharger kit is designed for use with a Toyota 4A GE silvertop (customer supplied) Black top owners please ask for options.

Engine Internals: Internals can be kept standard for low boost levels. (up to 220bhp)
Engine Management: This kit is designed for use with Omex 600, (or other) ECU unit. If your engine is not, please contact us.

Sensors: Map sensor available for boost pressure measurement.
Supercharger: Rotrex – centrifugal supercharger with oil cooler, proven as extremely reliable.

Brackets: Cad designed billet aluminium bracket supplied with kit.

Inlet: Raw designed plenum, retaining standard throttle plates, idle air bypass etc.

Pipework: Vehicle specific and so only the Striker option is given in kit detail. For other vehicle installations, please ask for details.

Inter-cooler: A suitable inter-cooler is required for the installation. Raw can supply one if required.

View or download PDF Pricing: Click here for a PDF supercharger pricing sheet.




New Demo Cars


New Raw Striker & Phoenix Demo Cars

The new Striker & Phoenix Demo Cars, now available for test drives at Raw.

Book A Test Drive

Striker Demo Car

Raw’s Zetec powered Striker showcases Raw’s base kit package / car.

Available as a road ready car, complete kit or buy as you build.

Raw Striker Demo Kit or Road Ready CarDesigned to be a versatile weekend and track day car the Striker is setup to be smooth on road and with a click of the shocks, stiffen up for track day use.
Many options available on the 150BHP base kit can transform it into a wholly track orientated machine, these can be applied at first purchase or as upgrades later.

Read More about Striker cars & kits

The New Phoenix Demo Car

Available as a road ready car, complete kit or buy as you build.

Raw's Phoenix Demo Car, Available As A Kit Or Road Ready CarRaw’s supercharged zetec powered Phoenix demo car illustrates just how simple a power upgrade can be. bolt the “blower” onto the standard Zetec to jump from 150 to 220 BHP or up to 300+ with internal alterations. The Phoenix also includes other upgrades to view, including lightweight carbon panels, upgrade bucket seats, sequential gearbox with flat shift… plus more, all available in any Raw car.

Read more about Phoenix cars & kits.


Body shells are not all that is different about these two cars…

The Two demo cars really show what a difference we can achieve from the same Raw base chassis, the Striker being completely entry level is lovely to drive anywhere, smooth and comfortable, but can be driven to very surprising cornering and acceleration levels. This Phoenix boasting a very different suspension setup and many bells and whistles including the supercharger is a different animal, hammering you into the back of your seat as you charge through the flat shift gearbox up to warp speed and cornering on rails!

Raw Demo Striker and Phoenix



Gifts for kit car owners at Raw Striker Ltd.Looking for a gift ?

If the full kit or kit car is a little beyond your budget (!) then there are always parts and upgrades available, if you are looking for something less metallic, Raw offer a number of items that may suit your kit car mad friend or are ideal goodies to just treat yourself.

We have T-Shirts, Jackets and now Mugs
which can be purchased online through our ebay shop or directly from us over the phone.
Call Raw on (01432) 371169

Visit the Raw ebay shop – Click here


Raw Softshell JacketJackets.

Softshell jackets, ideal for use in a kit car.
Softshell with fleece liner, making for a warm and windproof shell. “showerproof”, but we have yet to actually get wet in these jackets and that is not for lack of trying!


Raw Striker Ltd. Kit Car T-Shirts


Raw T-Shirts are available with various designs. These include, “Raw” logo, “Striker”, “Phoenix” and the Striker silhouettes. Colours as shown.
Quality cotton shirts.
Small, Medium, Large and X-Large


Raw Striker Ltd. Kit Car mug - ideal Christmas present


Really nice mugs with the Raw logo and the Striker silhouette design on opposing sides.


Visit the Raw ebay shop – Click here


Lightfoot Racing

Martyn Lightfoot chases title in comeback

Northern Saloon and Sports Car Championship title hopes are still on track.

Lightfoot Championship Challenger

The 32-year-old marine project manager from Redmarshall who is competing in the Northern Saloon & Sports Car  series this season with excellent form is in with a genuine shout of being crowned overall champion. Having suffered a blown engine and doubts over finishing the season on a tight budget things are looking up…

Read More at  http://www.gazettelive.co.uk

Image c/o http://www.gazettelive.co.uk