R1 Striker kit car

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Bike engined kit carsRaw’s bike engines power fast, exciting and light weight cars.

This all adds up to a nimble car with great handling and performance.

Bike engined cars have been popular in hillclimb single seaters, some dedicated circuit race formuale such as Radicals and Formula 600.

At Raw we have used a number of bike engines for customer cars, the Yamaha R1 proving popular and reliable.

Motorbike powered Raw kit cars have proved to be fantastic fun on the road and outstanding on track, the sound of a superbike engine at full-tilt is intoxicating and undeniably racey. The close ratio of a motorbike gearbox combined with the high revving engine and instant gear change is not for everyone however. Is it for you? If you like to drive at track days and are looking for a reasonably priced power source that will provide excitement at a sensible rate, this could just be what you are looking for. As power sources go the bike engine provides a good deal. Engine and gearbox with all engine electrics from a damaged bike will set you back around £1,000 or less. Select carefully and you could build a great car for a great price.

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R1 Raw Striker kit car

R1 Striker kit car

R1 Powered Striker installation in classic Raw Striker kit car.
Note the off center installation which allows the prop to join the bike gearbox directly and makes for an excellent balance to counter the drivers weight on the other side of the car.



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