lowered race striker chassis

In 2004 Raw developed a bespoke lowered chassis for the STRIKER. Driven by Andy Charsley in the 750 MC RGB class A series, this STRIKER became very successful on the track. With six outright wins and a close second in all other races against a rear engine enclosed body car it proved the STRIKER’s dynamic ability, durability and reliability.

Raw have now started production of this lowered chassis under the name of STRIKER TR. The first production model out this year driven by Gary Goodyear broke the 750 MC kit car lap record on its debut at Brands Hatch this year further proving its undoubted capability.

Further STRIKERs will be out this year including this one in the picture designed for sprint hill climb. It will have an Extreme 240 BHP Hayabusa engine with a multi-ratio Muffett differential on slicks, and it is hoped to have its debut in June this year by Mr Geoff Mason in the Westfield Speed series.

We hope this car will further strengthen the STRIKERs grip on the series as Mr Guy Hussey won it outright in 2005. We hope to continue to win even though only two STRIKERs will be allowed in the series!

The STRIKER TR can be produced for any race requirement.
Road height: 70mm
Wheel size: 13″ – 15″
Brakes: As required
Engines: As required
Differentials and transmission: As required
Seats, pedal boxes and instruments: As required
Option of rose jointed wishbones and roller bearing rockers
Lightweight bodywork available in colour gel


Lowered chassis £750 extra on standard prices
Full rose jointed wishbones £650 extra on standard prices
Roller bearing rockers £160 extra on standard prices
Fitting of engines, pedal boxes, special differentials, etc, can be done at factory rates of £30/hour
Full set up facilities, laser alignment, electronic corner weights available in house.

We are the only small car manufacturer that can offer a lowered chassis to your specification.
We don’t just talk about motorsport, we have an unbeatable track record in club motorsport. If you want to win in club motorsport, contact us!

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