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Raw Phoenix PerformanceRaw Phoenix performance Kit car:

Entry Level Kit Cars

Whether you choose the Striker, Phoenix or Fulcrum you are assured at entry level of a very exciting drive. Not only is the handling of Raw cars second to none, but the light weight construction makes them capable of accelerating very quickly, for example:

Raw Phoenix wind tunnel testingBase kits and cars are generally fitted with 150BHP engines.

This produces a power to weight ratio of around 250+ BHP Per Ton.

With a 0 – 60 MPH time of around 4.5 Seconds

Upgrade Packs Can Be Applied…

Engine options are available in increments to suit budget and needs.
While the base kit car develops around 150BHP, the engines can be upgraded to:

Raw Phoenix dashboard170 – 200BHP can be achieved using a multi throttle body inlet setup giving instant engine response and an increased power band.

220BHP can be achieved with a supercharger unit. This gives a very smooth power delivery and high torque output.

Up to 330 BHP can be achieved with factory engines, which makes for 550 BHP per Ton. We like to think this is enough for anyone and in the right hands will keep up with almost anything on the road and track.

The streamlined shape of the Phoenix was originally designed as the Striker Mk. 4, with aerodynamics in mind for racing. The car has over the years accumulated a good number of race wins and indeed championship wins which are a testament to the cars abilities.


Phoenix Race Car

Nigel Brown at an Oulton Park 750 Motor Club Meet



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