Ford Zetec Engines & Supercharger Option

raw offer OMEX controlled Ford Zetec Engines

Raw’s Zetec range of engines and upgrades produced in conjunction with OMEX have been developed to be solutions that are truly ‘turn-key’.
The engines are all hot run on a test rig, the cams run-in, throttle bodies balanced and emissions pre-set where applicable.
The Zetec is available with various upgrades, all of which can be added to a basic engine later if desired. depending on your budget / requirements you can choose from the following power outputs;
140 BHP

170 BHP

With a 300BHP model in testing this gives quite a range.

We can supply engines as a standalone unit to fit as required.

Toyota 4AGE Engine with Supercharger

Toyota 4AGE Superchargers

The Toyota 4AGE engine is the legacy of the MK1 Toyota MR2 and Corolla GTI, but in the reduced weight setup of the Fulcrum & Striker feel like a very different engine giving very quick pickup. If that’s not enough, we have also developed a supercharged 4AGE engine package.

Bike Engines

Bike engined kit cars

Bike engine power is fast, exciting and light weight. This all adds up to a nimble car with great handling and performance.

Bike engined cars have been popular in hillclimb single seaters, some dedicated circuit race formuale such as Radicals and Formula 600.

At Raw we have used a number of bike engines for customer cars, the Yamaha R1 proving popular and reliable.

Contact Raw if you wish to discuss bike engine cars



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